Thursday, February 5, 2009

alligatorSports Podcast 2-5-09

Forget everything you know about the alligatorSports podcast when you check out the newest sportscast.

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Our previous sportscasts have been very short, scripted conversations between two people about one specific game or event with no analysis and very little actual discussion.

We're still working out the kinks with our new podcast format – and our podcasting budget is $0, but we're hoping to make this a weekly thing that will touch on many different sports and topics around the wide world of UF sports.

Among other things in this episode, Mike McCall condemns all Gators basketball fans, Phil Kegler calls UF's Sweet 16 hopes “a joke,” Evan Drexler pleads for Red Wings talk, Kyle Maistri considers the possibility that Stacey Nelson might be better than Tim Tebow and Mike DiFerdinando refers to himself as a “savant.”

We discuss a wide variety of UF sports topics, including Lane Kiffin's statement about Urban Meyer cheating on the recruiting trail, the Gators softball team's upcoming season, many aspects of the Gators basketball team and the question of who is the second-best athlete at UF.

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Show notes:

Participants: Adam Berry, Kyle Maistri, Phil Kegler, Mike McCall, Mike DiFerdinando, Evan Drexler

Length: 34:38

0:00-11:08 – Introductions and recruiting discussion (Lane Kiffin, UF's newly signed recruiting class and the impact it will have on the program)

11:09-16:27 – Softball talk

16:28-29:19 – Men's basketball talk on a wide variety of topics, from the Chandler Parsons Project to the fans' attendance to the status of Tennessee's basketball program (men's and women's).

29:20-34:38 – Who's the second-best athlete at UF? And parting shots.

Thanks for listening.

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