Thursday, February 12, 2009

alligatorSports Podcast 2-13-09

On our extra-long third episode, we overcome a nearly crushing technical malfunction and bring you 40 solid minutes of opinion and analysis about the UF men's basketball team's loss to Kentucky and the softball team's dominating win over Jacksonville, and, in a special segment, we discuss who we would put on the Mount Rushmore of UF sports -- the top five (yes, five -- we added one) athletes who represent the Gators.

To further explain the third segment, we discuss the concept in a historical sense and, after our recording glitch, we name the top five athletes we would put on the current Mount Rushmore of UF sports.
(It's also worth noting that our recording dropped without our knowledge after we had already finished recording the whole show once, so we basically had to remake the discussion about the current Mount Rushmore of UF sports. So if it seems like the discussion doesn't reflect how much we're laughing, it's because we had already made often the exact same points in the first version of that conversation.)

Participants: Adam "Let me undercut your argument before you make it" Berry, Evan "This is so contrived" Drexler, Kyle "Champion for Babies!" Maistri, Mike "Ben Hogan Watch List" DiFerdinando, Phil "the FACE...of alligatorSports" Kegler and Bobby "I covered the women's basketball team for one game" Callovi.

Length: 40:50

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