Saturday, March 28, 2009

alligatorSports Podcast 3-28-09

On a three-man weave edition of the alligatorSports Podcast - once again recorded in Assistant Sports Editor Adam Berry's apartment - we discuss the day's top story about Billy Donovan and the vacant Kentucky coaching job, the NCAA Tournament, our busted brackets, the Gators' spring practice, the UF baseball team, and we round out the show with our Reggie Nelson Awards for Excellence in the Field of Sport and Kyle Jackson Bad Angles of the Week (in which we aim for the highest targets imaginable).

Participants: Adam "Billy Gillepsie" Berry, Evan "magical, marvelous, intergalactic practice" Drexler, Kyle "TOO MUCH MADNESS" Maistri

Time: 1:07:27

To listen to the special birthday message from Bill Walton that Evan referenced on the show, click here:

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